Leadership update at Paddock Wood Primary Academy

Four children playing in the playground. There are colourful cones on the floor

Dear parents and carers,

RE: leadership update at Paddock Wood Primary Academy.

Mrs Fidock is relocating to the South-West over the summer to be closer to her wider family. She has very recently achieved a new role in that part of the country. We are extremely sorry to be losing Mrs Fidock who has been working for the Trust in various positions since 2015.

Her time at Paddock Wood has been fairly short, but very successful. She became Principal of the academy shortly after the tragic death of Mr Opstad. Since then, she has led the academy expertly and has appointed a strong team who can now take the academy forward. We are seriously grateful for all of her hard work and wish her well for the future once she leaves us in August.

Having received confirmation of this news at the end of last week, the Trust has wasted no time at all in finding a strong successor for Mrs Fidock. Later today we will be embarking upon a national recruitment campaign and are confident we will identify a high-quality candidate to take up the position of Principal from September. I will write to you again once we have more news.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Beamish
Chief Executive