Welcome to Paddock Wood Primary Academy

We are a primary academy in the heart of Kent serving the close knit community of Paddock Wood, who have a recent history of providing a truly great educational experience for our pupils. I understand the trust you put in us as an academy to ensure we achieve the very best for your children, taking them from EYFS through to being secondary ready. I know that the team at Paddock Wood Primary Academy are committed to giving your children the very best educational experiences that we can offer and this drives all the decisions we will make for our curriculum. Not only do we offer the Primary Years Programme, as a candidacy school for the International Baccalaureate program, we also offer specialist teaching in French and PE and ensure our children experience risk taking adventures from outdoor challenges to mountain biking and caving. The vision for our academy is:

‘Our highly ambitious community, builds thinking learners, who act with agency and create lasting memories’

Mrs Libby Fidock | Principal

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