Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is allocated according to the numbers of children from families who are currently known to be eligible, or have been eligible at some point within the last 6 years, for free school meals (FSM/Ever 6); and children who are deemed to be ‘looked after’ by the Local Authority. Service Premium is also allocated for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces, or have been within the last 5 years. 

It is for us to decide how this additional funding is spent but we are accountable for this. We must show the impact the funding has on supporting children with their learning to ensure at least good attainment and progress.


2020-2021 Grant: £147,080
Planned ProvisionFocusCost
1:1 tuition -
Targeted interventions to pupils with assessed needs including high/very high risk of Dyslexia, poor language or poor speech scores (Toe-By-Toe, Speech Link and Language Link)£800
Teaching Assistant supportSpecific additional interventions to support pupils who are not on track to make expected progress in core subjects£38,229
Small group tutor sessionsIncreased number of teachers in Year 6 to teach smaller groups where pupils have been identified and given targets to make at least expected progress£63,338
Reading Recovery teacherSpecialist reading teacher to work alongside Year 1 and to teach identified pupils where support is needed to reach expected outcomes in phonics and comprehension of text£34,198
Inclusion Team-Parent Support Assistant (PSA)
-Attendance lead
-Specialist TA staff (assigned to specific interventions
Engage with families who are encountering emotional, financial and domestic challenges to develop confidence in parenting and improve outcomes for their children, including support in attendance for children and self-help skills to impact parenting skills.
After School Curriculum ClubsFree or subsidised activities available for all children£95
Breakfast ClubProvision of Breakfast Club for disadvantaged children to ensure a nutritional start to the day and given free or at a subsidised cost for families in need of financial support£2,850
After School provisionGiven free or at a subsidised cost for families in need of financial support£3,420
School visits School subsidises requested voluntary contributions towards school visits and experiences for families in need of financial support. This enables all children to access enriching visits outside of the school£3,500
School UniformEncouragement of pride in own appearance & sense of ‘sameness’ with all pupils to limit potential for feeling less valued, potentially impacting outcomes£650