Year 2 Studies

For Key Stage 1 Curriculum Framework please click here.

Terms 2 and 3

Our topic for these terms is “Mythical Creatures”. We had an exciting start to the topic with a visit from Discovery Story Centre. The children learned about Anansi the spider and were able to retell one of these stories. We have linked this to our learning in geography by using and making maps to find ‘mythical creatures’ in our school and surrounding areas.

In literacy, we have worked on improving our descriptive writing and storytelling abilities. We are using a range of sentence types in our writing as well as including adjectives, adverbs and similes.

In maths, we have been focusing on the different calculations and applying them to problem solving contexts. We are using the column method for addition and subtraction, and arrays for multiplication and division. We will be moving on to fractions and shape.

In science, we are learning to work scientifically by exploring a range of investigations.

Well done to 2RT for winning the reading award for Term 2. It is great to see the children getting excited about reading, we look forward to seeing which class it will be next!

Term 1

We have had a fantastic start to the school Year. Our topic this term is “Around the World in 33 Days.” We have begun to name the 7 continents and 5 oceans and will be comparing climates, culture and animals around the globe.

In English, we have rewritten The Papaya That Spoke following the talk for writing style which the children refined in Year 1. We will be moving on to some innovation, poetry and non-fiction writing as the term progresses.

In science, we are looking at living things with a focus on animals around the world and their habitats. We will begin to look at food chains and how energy is transferred between living things.

For maths, we started the term looking at place value of two digit numbers. We will then progress to using money and adding amounts using a number line alongside mental strategies. We are reinforcing number bonds to 20 and will introduce children to the column method for addition and subtraction.

Homework will be sent out each Friday on Mathletics. Each class teacher has set up their spellings which the children need to learn and will be tested on regularly. On occasion, children will be given literacy homework additionally. This will be in a book so please check with children as to what they have been given.

The Year 2 team are also looking for adults to come and listen to the children read. If this is something you may be able to help with please speak to your class teacher. Even half an hour could make a big difference.

PE will take place each week. For these lessons children need to be fully equipped for all weather, including jumpers, jogging bottoms, trainers and plimsolls. Children who have their ears pierced need to either be able to remove their earrings themselves, or bring in tape to protect them from catching.

In terms 4 and 5 we will be learning about London and its landmarks. To support your child’s learning, if you find an opportunity to visit London before March then this could really enhance their understanding. ​