Year 1 Studies

Term 2

Our topic for the next two terms is Going Places. This term we will be writing riddles to start us off – I have wheels. What am I? Following this our work will primarily be about bicycles this term. We will be focussing on the story of ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ by Quentin Blake. The children will learn this story, draw a story map, write a character description, write and innovate the story by saying what they would like to put on their own bikes. Before the Christmas season kicks in we will also be writing some transport poetry. Through all this we will be continuing to develop the children’s sentence writing skills, use of punctuation and developing their cursive handwriting.

Also we will be continuing to learn a new set of spellings and learning about syllables and compound words.

of I me has


his is be you


were love come


In Maths we will be learning about:

  • Positional language
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Partitioning 2-digit numbers
  • Problem solving

Please support your child at home in learning their Big Maths calculations and practise every day so they know them without working them out. Lots of children will have moved on to the set below. They get 45 seconds when tested in school. For many children these take a long time to learn. Look for easier ones first! As before, don’t allow your child to be stressed by the timing initially.


9+2= 2+8=


5+3= 5+2=
4+3= 4+2=



6+6= 8+8=
1+9= 4+6=


6+3= 3+7=

Within our topic this term we will also be learning about the history of bikes. In art we will be doing close observational drawings of a bicycle and making some of our own pictures in the style of Kandinsky. We will be learning about bike safety and keeping fit.

In science this term we are learning about materials. We will be sorting and naming them, looking at their properties and carting out an investigation in how to keep Mrs Armitage dry!

It is going to be a busy term!

Year One Team

Term 1 – September 2019

Our first topic of the year is ‘My World’. The children will learn all about their bodies and how people change as they grow up. We will also have a week when we focus on their senses. They will be drawing their own portraits and experiment with mixing colours. We will think about the weather, the changing seasons and how we can eat healthily.

In Maths we will be

  • Counting objects accurately forwards and backwards to at least 20
  • Finding 1 more/less to at least 20
  • Ordering numbers
  • Partitioning numbers to 10
  • Learning to count on using a number line
  • Naming and describing 2D shapes
  • Recognising coins and using smaller coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p) to make different amounts
  • Measuring
  • Subtracting by counting back.
  • Developing their reasoning skills

Please support your child at home in learning their Big Maths calculations (see homework) and practise every day if you can. Children should be starting to recall addition facts to 10.

In English we will learn a poem called ‘I am me’ and will create new versions of it. Also we will working on rhyme and creating rhyming strings. Next we will be learning the story of The Enormous Turnip which will form the basis of our English work for the remainder of the term. The children will make up actions to go with the story and draw their own story maps to help them remember and retell the story, so that they can eventually rewrite and innovate the story by themselves (so Humpty Dumpty might come along to help!).

The children will have special lined handwriting books both for handwriting practice and for some writing tasks. We hope that this will rapidly improve handwriting. Teaching of cursive letters will be consolidated along with handwriting patterns. We will start to focus on common exception words which your child needs to spell by the end of the year (see homework sheet). They will learn about adding -s or -es to plurals and also adding –ing and -ed to verbs.

As part of our languages week we will be finding out about Germany and will be learning some German words.

Please click here for information regarding Homework in Year 1.

Thank you,

Year One Team