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In our last Ofsted inspection, we were awarded a second consecutive good judgement. Inspectors noted that our academy “demonstrates an accelerated rising trend in attainment and progress.”

“[The academy’s] mantras of ‘keep it clear and simple’ for adults and ‘quality, quantity and perseverance’ for pupils have been taken to heart by all, and the quality of teaching and learning have improved. As a result, pupils’ achievement across all subjects has risen rapidly …

“The school turnaround has involved changes at a deep level rather than quick fixes. Despite some difficult decisions having to be made, changes have been achieved with sensitivity. An area for improvement identified at the previous inspection was to establish greater consistency in the quality and impact of teaching. You have addressed this very effectively so that now staff work together and there are high levels of consistency and coherence. The staff survey shows overwhelming support for leaders. Goals are shared,
staff feel supported and highly motivated. All of the staff enjoy and are proud to be part of the school.

“Leaders and staff have used the changes in assessment and increasing demands of the curriculum to heighten teachers’ understanding of what pupils know, can do and need to do next. The curriculum has been completely overhauled and pupils enjoy learning in depth across many different subjects.

27 July 2016