Transition – 8 July 2021

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Dear Parents and Carers,

This morning we had our annual transition session for all classes. The following arrangements are in place for next year and for your information all year groups will be staying in the same classrooms – other than Y6, as we have 4 classes in this year group.

Current Class Class Teacher and Class Name in September 
Bees Mrs Rabarts 1R
Caterpillar Mrs Tipples (2 days, Mon-Tues) / Mrs Leach (3 days, Wed-Fri)     1TL
Ladybird Mrs Mottershead 1M (New)
1W Mr Hill 2H
1H Miss Truett 2F
1R Mr Townshend 2T
2B Miss Shattock 3S
2K *Mrs Bienz / Mrs Thorne-Large 3BT  *Mrs Bienz will not work on Monday
2P Miss Lambert 3L
3S Mrs Blackhall (4 days, Mon-Thurs))  / *Mrs Pointing  (1 day) 4B  *Mrs Townsend after Mrs Pointing goes on Maternity Leave
3T Mrs Dunn (2 days, Mon-Tues) / Mrs Predescu (3 days, Wed-Fri) 4DP
3L Mr Goodrich (New) 4G
4DA Miss Rowland 5R
4R Mr Gartland 5G
4M Miss Willis 5W
Year 5: a separate letter has been sent to this year group as classes will be re-organised.  Mr Cole 6C
Mr Judge 6J
Mrs Holmberg (3 days) / Mrs Easto (2 days) 6HE
Mr McNair 6M (will  now be in the current 5P classroom)

The staff have all planned a lovely session with their new classes and will ensure that they know which classroom they will be in from September.  

Please do speak to your child about their transition session today and remember that this is exciting; find out what they did and something about their teacher. 

We will be checking in with all classes and year groups to identify any children that may have struggled with transition and we have transition booklets in place to support them with this change. 

We can also confirm that the following arrangements will be in place in September: 

  • PE kits to be worn to school on the  class PE day(s)
  • Doors will be open between 8:40 – 8:55am each day for the rolling drop off
  • Collection for EYFS and Key Stage 1 will be at 3:10pm and Key Stage 2 at 3:20pm.
  • We will continue to operate the one way system to help with the flow of parents and children on site

Thank you to all those parents that took part in the questionnaire, this has helped us to plan for September, taking into consideration your comments. A separate letter will come out regarding our findings of the full questionnaire, before the end of term.