Paddock Wood Primary Academy offers a wide range of learning opportunities to promote music across the curriculum and to encourage each child to grow in confidence. Our various clubs, ranging from recorder club to choir, support classroom activities and are open to children of all abilities.

All children participate in weekly singing assemblies and are encouraged to celebrate their abilities by performing in reward assemblies. The achievements the children make throughout the year are celebrated in termly assemblies for occasions such as Harvest and Christmas.

Throughout the year KS2 children will be taught how to read music and will be applying this skill to their instrument work.

Year 3 will be spending this term learning all about the Recorder! They will learn all about the correct playing technique needed to produce a pleasant sound; posture, breathing and tonguing. From here they will have the opportunity to play a variety of well-known pieces as duets, solos and in small groups too. Alongside this the children will be relying less on pictures and more on written musical notes; which they will revise and apply on a regular basis.