Good morning,

As we head towards the end of term 1 next week, I am keen to take stock of the ‘people movement’ systems we have in place at the start and end of the school day.
We have not registered any positive COVID-19 results in school to date and pupil and staff attendance are both exceptionally high at 97-98%. Clearly, we are keen to maintain this position, for everyone’s well being.
The national media, including the BBC, have reported a three-fold increase in new cases in our local area over the past two weeks, although the number per 100,000 people remains low and well below the UK average.
However, with this increase in mind, I am keen to make the three requests below:
1. That we all – families, staff and visitors – continue to observe and abide by the one-way markings and signs around the school buildings.
2. That we continue to maintain 2m social distancing wherever possible, and where this is not possible, that we maintain at least 1m distance and adults consider wearing a face covering.
3. That with effect from Monday morning next week the Forest Road gate will be entrance-only in the morning and exit-only in the afternoon.


With best wishes for the weekend,


Scott Opstad