Healthy Schools

Healthy Snacks

We are pleased to be part of the Government Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. Children are provided with a free piece of fruit or a healthy snack to eat at mid morning break in EYFS, Years 1 and 2. Children in Year 3 and above may bring in a piece of fruit or a healthy snack for morning break. We do not allow snacks such as crisps, biscuits, sweets, cakes or chocolate. Please provide items such as a piece of fruit, vegetable or cheese.


We encourage the children to have regular drinks of water throughout the day. The Friends of Paddock Wood Primary Academy kindly provide a clear plastic sports style drinking bottle. The children need to take this bottle home each day so that it can be returned with fresh water. Replacement water bottles are available from the school office at a charge of £1.15 or 2 for £1 for replacement lids.