Learning at Paddock Wood Primary Academy

We are sure that, as a parent or carer, your leading expectation of our school will be one of a learning environment where your child will be engaged and challenged, not only to achieve their potential, but also to enjoy and develop a thirst for learning.

The curriculum we deliver is relevant, challenging and is designed to equip children with the skills necessary for future learning and life. We provide stimulating, well-resourced learning environments and expect the highest standards of achievement, attitude and behaviour.

We set challenging expectations in every area of school life as we maintain our relentless focus on raising standards in reading, writing and maths by accelerating progress through effective teaching and learning support. High quality learning in these three areas is fundamental to pupils accessing the whole curriculum. They complement the broad and balanced subjects offered throughout the year, as pupils use and apply skills in context.

Cross-curricular learning is planned to motivate and deepen outcomes for all children who take huge pride in the high quality work they produce.